cbtThe modern way of living is causing many people a lot of stress. Some people manage to remove the stress from their lives, but others are very sensitive to even smallest stressful situations and they can’t cope with their emotional problems. Many people today suffer from anxiety and depression and that is not an easy way of life. Some of them, besides suffering from anxiety, also suffer from panic attacks. So how do you control panic attacks? There are several different methods that can help and some of these methods are called cognitive behavioral treatments.

Experts say that this type of treatment is efficient in more than 70% of people. Experts say that this type of therapy is able to reduce symptoms that usually occur while having a panic attack. These symptoms are sweating, shaking, dizziness, losing breath and feeling fear. They are only the common ones. Some people feel even worse like spasms in their muscles. The CB therapy can help in reducing these symptoms. But the point is not only to remove the symptoms but also to cure the cause. Maybe a person should learn to face the problems in a different way. In that case, a psychotherapy would be of great help.

Eating Healthy May Help Anxious People to Feel Better

College students who are learning for their exams sometimes feel anxious when the exam date comes close. Such feelings are natural and expected. Also, people who need to go for a job interview may also feel anxious about it. And that is normal. But if you feel anxious when everything is all right and the feeling goes deeper and deeper, then you should visit a doctor. Maybe you have anxiety disorder. If you do, a doctor will prescribe you drugs to treat your disease. But how to control anxiety in more natural way? For instance, you may change a diet and start eating breakfast if you used to skip it.

Fruits like bananas and pineapple are good for your health and they are also healthy. Eating fresh and raw veggies is also good for you, so choose this type of diet. Besides eating well, remember that drinking water is also important. Fresh water can help in purifying your body, which will make a balance in your life. Exercising can be part of your treatment. Try to be physically active every day. If you can’t play tennis or swim, try to have a long walk every day. Walk fast so that your circulation can be activated.