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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps In Treating Panic Disorder

cbtThe modern way of living is causing many people a lot of stress. Some people manage to remove the stress from their lives, but others are very sensitive to even smallest stressful situations and they can’t cope with their emotional problems. Many people today suffer from anxiety and depression and that is not an easy way of life. Some of them, besides suffering from anxiety, also suffer from panic attacks. So how do you control panic attacks? There are several different methods that can help and some of these methods are called cognitive behavioral treatments.

Experts say that this type of treatment is efficient in more than 70% of people. Experts say that this type of therapy is able to reduce symptoms that usually occur while having a panic attack. These symptoms are sweating, shaking, dizziness, losing breath and feeling fear. They are only …

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Just How “Extreme” Is Extreme Fighting???

jfWidely known as “Ultimate Fighting Championships” (UFC), such brutal bareknuckle tournaments usually pit two basic types of fighters–grapplers and punchers–in bloody combat against each other in a 30-foot-wide octagonal ring, surrounded by a five-foot-high chain-link fence. There are virtually no rules: head-butts, elbow smashes and choke holds are common. Also known as “reality combat,” the contests are featured on pay-per-view and satellite TV. And each new UFC championship is a hot video store item.

One of the fighters featured in a video entitled Clash of the Titans (UFC VI), is David “Tank” Abbot of Huntington Beach, California. Watching a replay of himself punching his opponent’s bloody face while kneeling on his throat, Abbot tells the ringside announcer: “You better cut it right there. I’m getting sexually aroused.” The scene is highlighted by colour commentator Jim Brown. “The guy is evil,” remarks the renowned former …

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Martial Arts: Beating The Crap Out Of YourFlab!

btcAerobic kickboxing and martial aerobics strengthen the body and mind, decrease stress physically and mentally, define and quicken reflexes, increase endurance and enhance cardiovascular power, according to Dave LaPorte, a second degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate and the head instructor at Rick Wilmott’s Karate Academy in Keene, New Hampshire. LaPorte has found aerobic kickboxing has a value to everyone who tries it. “It is an aerobic fitness program with a dual purpose,” he says. “It provides an aerobic workout in addition to gaining and honing martial arts skills. It helps foster physical strength, increases endurance, tones muscle groups, burns calories and builds confidence.”

Confidence building comes from the fact many people, women in particular, who have never studied a defensive art such as karate, are learning for the first time how to execute an accurate punch or kick that they may need …

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Black Belt Techniques For Disabled People Work Wonders

maYou don’t have to be strong or even fast to learn self-defense. Gene Rife, a martial arts instructor, teaches a class aimed at people who use wheelchairs or have other physical limitations.

“You only need the strength of a seven-year-old to use these techniques,” explains Gene. “You can bring somebody down just by striking, rubbing, or touching certain pressure points.”

Gene, who holds a first-degree black belt, says that most of the techniques he teaches are from the martial art of small circle jujitsu. “Most of the moves are done close to the body, and nearly everyone can learn how to do them.”

Quick reactions are not necessary to master the moves. “It doesn’t matter how fast you are,” says Gene. “It’s just a matter of knowing where the pressure points are and how to attack them.”

Pressure points are located on the …

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Behind The Scenes: Talking UFC!

caOUR RECREATIONAL VEHICLE lumbers down Denver’s snow-slicked streets, but we travel the zeigeist as if it were a jet stream. Riding shotgun is one Tank Abbott, thirty years old, six feet, 250 pounds, a bar brawler extraordinaire from Huntington Beach, California, the sudden celebrity around whom we’ve gathered, each of us in some way an acolyte in his entourage as we careen toward a real-life comic book: a bare-knuckle pay-per-view event known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Tank’s fighting Saturday night. A purveyor of pain, he plays perfectly: His skill is nothing less than an American preoccupation. People just love to see the bad guy kick ass.

One of the boys–or would that be boyz?–is talking about “fucking dudes up,” like “that hippie motherfucker Tank tapped out in Park City, Utah.”

Shoulda seen it. Blood everywhere. We haddaa take off before the cops got …

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Martial Arts And Skiing Make A Solid Team

After standing in the Single Whip posture for two minutes, your right thigh starts to ache. After five minutes, it’s starting to tremble, as sweat trickles down your back. After 15, the rest of your body is relaxed, but your leg is shaking violently; “burning in,” your tai chi teacher calls it. This is good for your skiing.


So are other Asian arts like yoga and aikido, exercise systems that, for many people, smack of tofu and crystals more than bumps and steeps. “They all offer increased flexibility and balance,” says John Atkins, rehab director and athletic trainer at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail. “Martial arts help tremendously in sports like skiing that place a high premium on single-leg balance.”

In the States, we’ve got two images of martial arts. One is kick-ass, kungfu cool. Jackie Chan — style. The other is dumb-ass …

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Rock That Casual, Ladies!

rtclIt wasn’t so long ago that the Seventies were being tagged as uninspired as far as fashion went. Nevertheless, in recent seasons the “Me” decade has become a source of inspiration for a lengthening list of sportswear designers.

Looks that defined the Seventies – bell-bottom pants, maxi coats, vests, platform shoes, beads, ribbed knits, and cloche hats – are surfacing in collections for fall, resort and spring.

And early indications at retail are that consumers too are embracing it.

Women, tired of the tailored Eighties power wardrobe and now confident of their place in work force are opting for a softer, simpler and more casual style, designers said.

The Seventies derived much of its flavor from the Twenties, Thirties and Forties, when such movie queens as Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn held sway. Designers are probably pulling more from the Seventies simply because its …

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